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Application site of Restar water-based waste mud treatment system

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Adhering to the concept of "accurate separation and beautiful home", Restar has developed and produced a water-based waste mud treatment system, which is mainly used for harmless treatment of waste mud generated in various projects, mines and urban construction, so as to reduce the environmental pollution caused by waste mud. Recently, the water-based waste slurry treatment system provided by Restar for customers arrived at the site, and the customer service manager put  it into use after on-site training.

Restar water-based waste mud treatment system is designed according to the treatment idea of mixing, conditioning and dehydration separation of waste mud. It is composed of solid-liquid separation module, conditioning module, dosing system and feeding system. Container module design is adopted, which is convenient for loading and unloading, and can meet the requirements of highway and railway transportation. The system has a high degree of automation, can realize dosing and separation control at all levels, and reduce labor intensity. No other hazardous substances will be produced during the treatment process, so as to realize the purpose of harmless treatment and up to standard discharge. 


Restar company has established "provincial chemical waste residue and wastewater treatment engineering technology research center" and laboratory, which can analyze and experiment according to the samples provided by users, and carry out corresponding process design and equipment matching for different materials, so as to realize that the treated materials can meet the indicators and corresponding standard requirements required by customers.

If the above customers require that after the waste mud is treated, the water quality of solid waste leaching solution meets the class 1 standard of integrated wastewater discharge standard (GB8978-1996, in which chromaticity ≤ 50, cod ≤ 100mg / L and pH 6-9); Solid waste meets gb18599-2001 technical code for pollution control of general industrial solid waste storage and disposal sites. It belongs to class I industrial solid waste and can be safely disposed such as landfill. Welcome customers to visit and consult.

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