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Complete acceptance and delivery of centrifuge order

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Puyang Zhongyuan Restar petroleum equipment Co., Ltd is a research, development and production enterprise of oil drilling solid control, oil based waste, water based waste and sewage treatment system.It has established a good long-term cooperation mechanism with the world top 500 enterprises petrochina, Sinopec and many well-known oil drilling, mining, engineering and construction industries in China.Recently, our company to complete the debugging and acceptance of centrifuges produced in Russia and send them to the designated place of the customer.

  • Try to install the centrifuge.离心机试装1
  • Test dynamic balance and vibration intensity in no-load test.空载实验
  • Before anti-corrosion, clean water experiment is done, and the performance of centrifuge with load is tested again.


  • Assemble after anti-corrosion, organize multi-department discussion and summary.讨论
  • After the assembly is completed, the whole machine is ready for loading experiment before leave the factory.整机实验
  • Packaged and ready to delivery打包出厂

Centrifuge is widely used in the solid control system of drilling fluid in the petroleum industry to separate the solid and liquid of drilling fluid, remove the harmful small solid particles such as cuttings in the mud, or recover barite and other valuable weighting materials, saving the cost of mud.Our company can according to customers’ requirements for carbon steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and duplex stainless steel overall centrifugal casting design, so that the equipment to achieve good performance and cost-effective requirements.

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